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Motivate Sales, Maximize Profit

Making sales – convincing people to hand over their hard earned money in exchange for your product or service – is fundamental to your business. When that flow of customers slows down, or we hit a rough patch financially, our first instinct can be to get out our price slashing tools and motivate purchases via discounts...but there's a better way.

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How Your Money Talk Is Failing You

The words we use when we talk about money - especially our pricing - can have a big impact on how our clients perceive us. That language also massively impacts our success when it comes to hitting revenue goals. In this week's Smiley Sessions I'm sharing a lesson we can learn from one of the world's most luxurious brands when it comes to communicating our prices. 

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Optimize Your Bottomline With Bespoke Pricing

‘One size fits all’ is a myth.

Whether it’s a pair of leggings, a marketing strategy, or a negotiation technique. The attempt to cram your unique business (along with all those wants, needs and one-of-a-kind skill sets) into a mold alongside the rest of the world just isn’t going to be flattering. Least of all to your bottomline.

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What To Do When You Need A Motivation Boost

There are days when our entrepreneurial mojo is strong. We fearlessly tackle tasks and things just click into place. But other days…it’s like trying to move through cold molasses. We struggle with motivation – and even when we do sit down to get stuff done…nothing happens.

This week on the #SmileySessions I’m doing my part to get you fired up and trading in those soothing, sweet motivational moves for something a wee bit bolder.

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The #1 Business Myth You Must Bust To Get Your Best Results

Most of us love a good dose of competition. We like to see our name at the top of the scoreboard, take those steps to the top of the podium and raise our fists in sweet sweet victory.

In this week’s #SmileySessions we’re breaking through the myth that business needs to be all about competition, and how to bring balance – and better results – home for your business.

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Protecting Your Boundaries So Your Business (and life!) Can Prosper

Perseverance. Tenacity. Stick with it –ness. All excellent traits, and especially prized among the entrepreneur set. There’s no space for ambitious entrepreneurs like us to pout, sulk or give up because ‘it’s hard’. But this isn’t the same as stubbornness. Or blind pursuit of an outcome. Can you tell the difference?

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Show Your Money Some TLC

Money is an awkward topic for most people. There are all sorts of judgments around having too little, too much, spending it in the right places, or not spending it at all. So over time it can start to feel as though ignoring it, or sticking your head in the sand is the way to go. Less stress and drama…but unfortunately that also means less clarity and progress on the financial front.

In this week’s Smiley Sessions I’m challenging you to take a look at where your Money Love skills may not be up to par, and find a way to remedy it.

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