How Your Money Talk Is Failing You

improve the way you speak about money and prices

When it comes to talking about money – especially our prices – we all too often become tongue-tied. All of those smooth statements and undeniable truths we’ve prepared when it comes to explaining why clients should invest in our product or service go right out the window and words fly out of our mouth that end up doing more harm than good.

In this week’s Smiley Session I’m sharing one of the top culprits that slips past our lips when it comes to money talk – and challenging you to make a change.

Are you accepting this week's challenge?


The last time I walked into Hermes, the clerk didn’t say “Je suis tellement desolée Madame – I’m so sorry, but the scarf is 400 Euros.” So why are you apologizing for your prices?

I get being polite. Remembering your pleases and thank you’s goes a loooong way in business. Respecting others’ time, opinions and boundaries is a must. But there is this nasty little pleasantry – the I’m sorry – that sneaks it’s way into business and undoes the great work you’re doing to build up your expert name and pro prices. Why apologize for the prices you charge? It’s gotta stop. The price is the price, and it reflects the incredible value you create for your clients and customers. So don’t be sorry about it. Be proud.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

Over the next few weeks, my challenge to you is to monitor yourself for when you get that soft, apologetic language around your discussions of money and price. If you catch yourself doing it – regroup, and train yourself out of it.