Negotiation Mentorship

I work with Founders, Entrepreneurs and Executives
who are ready to have an unfair advantage in business.

mentorship is perfect for...



You’re stepping into the role of Founder and are insecure in your ability to transition to the world of business meetings, negotiations and pitches.

Working with international clients, vendors, partners and investors you're nervous you’ll fumble a negotiation or say the wrong thing.



You’re not a freelancer now. Or self employed. You're a business owner. A CEO. The Boss. And things are getting serious, fast.

As deals are getting larger you’re scared of making a misstep because you know that there’s more on the line for you and your legacy.


Executives & Professionals

You're not a pencil pusher anymore. You're a leader. Mentorship will help you find your voice - and use it - so that those great ideas of yours are heard and supported by colleagues.

Get your team the resources they need to do their best work, get buy-in on new initiatives, and make your mark on the organization. This next level of your career needs some next level skills.


Boost your negotiation and influence skills

Mentorship programs are customized to meet your needs, with intensity and length of our work together varying to address your unique profile, priorities and opportunities.



Investment in Negotiation Mentorship starts at US$2,500


Expertise. Guidance. Real Results.

Clients have seen results including:

  • 20% increase in average client value within 2 weeks of working together

  • Savings of $12,000+ on an event (with just a single phone call…)

  • Salary jumps of 4%+ when changing roles

  • Senior level buy-in for their professional initiatives: new client portfolios, compensation for their team

“After working with you I feel that I have an unfair advantage when it comes to getting what my team and I want and need.”

Recruitment Director, London UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer single-sessions if I know I'm not ready for a full-scale mentorship?

You bet! You can book a single-session right over here. 

Can we work together in-person?

If you’re in the Paris, France area our initial kick-off session can be done in person at your offices or a cafe.
Though, if you'd like to fly me to wherever you are in the world, I'm game! My passport is ready ;-)

Parlez-vous français?

Oui, je parle français presque couramment. Mais nous travaillons ensemble en anglais. (c’est une valeur ajoutée pour vous!)

Quand vous avez les reunions avec les partenaires, les clients ou les investisseurs hors de France, il faut avoir un bon niveau d’anglais pour naviguer les discussions et négociations. Grace à cet mentorship vous serez plus à l’aise de communiquer en anglais, avec les bons strategies et techniques de négociation.

My company has a big negotiation coming up - can you help us build our strategy?

Yup! Information on my Negotiation Consulting services is right this way.

I have a team of people who need these you work with groups?

Absolutely. I lead negotiation masterclasses for groups of all sizes, ranging from corporate events to intimate mastermind retreats. Combining a group masterclass with follow-up one-on-one coaching is a great way to make sure that every member of your team gets the specific tools and guidance they need. Learn more about having me lead a masterclass for your team.

ready to get your unfair advantage in business?

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