Negotiation Done Differently

Strong, sustainable results. Strong, sustainable relationships.



What words come to mind when you hear the word negotiation? Negotiator?

Tough. Competitive. Frustration. Liars. Cheating. Battle. Winning. Losing.


Sounds like fantastic fun!
(no wonder people avoid negotiation like the plague...



Those words describe Old School Negotiation. The classic, competitive approach to getting what you want in business.

It's not a whole lot of fun, and if my 15 years of negotiation experience have taught me anything, it's that taking the Old School approach does not get the results companies need - whether you're a freelancer, a startup or a corporation. 

It just doesn't work.

We can't go around stomping our feet, banging our fists, drawing lines in the sand and using those win/lose techniques if we want real success. Sustainable success. Long-lasting, healthy partnerships with vendors, clients and collaborators.

We can't just do things 'the way they've always been done' and expect to make it work in dynamic conditions.

We need to change our approach if we want to see better results.


Negotiation Done Differently


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I'm not an Old School Negotiator.
I'm decidedly New School. I'm proudly Next Gen.

And in my coaching, consulting and speaking work with entrepreneurs, startups and corporates I help them become Next Gen Negotiators too. 

Out go Classic and Competitive.
In come Creative and Collaborative.

The result?

More money. Better margins. Pioneering solutions. Sustainable relationships.

And no more feeling as though in order to get the deal you want, you have to become someone you're not.

Ready to learn more about how to make Next Gen Negotiation work for your business? 

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Official Bio

Devon Smiley is a Negotiation Consultant & Speaker with 15 years of experience with Forbes’ finest and small business alike. She closed $5 billion of commercial contracts as a lead negotiator. She brings this experience to organizations that are focused on securing strong commercial results without sacrificing relationships.

As a speaker, Devon’s dynamic style and best-in-class expertise ensure that audiences leave with a new perspective on what it means to be a great negotiator, increased motivation to make their ask, and the tools they need to take action immediately. Through her keynotes and masterclasses, Devon has helped teams across manufacturing, aerospace, legal, financial and consumer goods markets learn how to expand their margins, increase operational efficiencies and cultivate strong relationships with partners throughout the value chain.

Devon’s global consultancy also includes work with small businesses and startups, and Devon contributes as mentor and advisor for programs including Startup Bootcamp FinTech NYC, and Startup Canada. Her insights on negotiation have been featured in the New York Times, Glamour magazine and the Chicago Tribune.

A strong believer that negotiation benefits more than just the bottomline, Devon is honoured to work with pro bono partners including The Clinton Foundation and UN Women to lead negotiation skills training for their teams and communities.

Negotiation Consultant and Speaker Devon Smiley

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