The Power of Fearless Follow-Ups

ask for what you need in business

Courage can feel as though it runs in limited supply. VERY limited supply. So after you’ve made the bold move of sending in a pitch, or making an ask for your business, the thought of finding even more gumption where that came from is overwhelming.

But there’s a benefit to being fearless in your follow-ups.

Are you accepting this week’s challenge?


If you’re waiting for someone to hand you what you want…you’re gonna be waiting a heck of a long time.

There are times when it takes all of our courage to make a call, have a consult, or press send on an email. So having to followup on that message, business or request leave us entirely overwhelmed. So we don’t. We don’t followup. And instead we figure that if it’s really meant to be, the other person will get in touch with us. But how is that passive approach really workin’ for you?


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

Your challenge this week: what’s something that you know you should be following up on, that you’ve let sit on the backburner? Do it. This week. No feeling pushy, and no chickening out. And when the deed is done, share your success by tweeting it out with the hashtag #maketheask