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Ace Your Biggest Opportunity Yet

You hang up the phone with a keen client and your hands are shaking. This is the biggest piece of work you've ever been offered. 

You check your emails and see the subject line: Re: Your book deal. And your stomach flips.

You get your networking game face on and head to the top conference in your industry...where they promptly ask you to speak at next year's event.

These are exiting moments for any Ambitious Entrepreneur. And they're the 'Oh $@*^!' moments you need to learn how to handle with ease. Read on for how to close your biggest, best deal yet.

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Leverage Email for Smooth Communication

Email is wonderful. It lets us increase efficiency, get files around the world in a jiffy, and if you're signed up to the right newsletters it can even deliver nuggets of wisdom into your inbox each week. So we should use it all the time. Right?

Not so fast. Email is great, but there are a few drawbacks that make it less than ideal for your next business discussion or negotiation. Here's what to do (and very importantly, what not to do) to make the most of that keyboard under your fingertips.

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