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Supercharge Your Results With This One Small Change

There’s no such thing as a stupid question.

There is; however, such thing as a question that unknowingly limits your business potential. It’s a question that we ask to others and ourselves without even realizing the power of our words.

Today I’m sharing that question with you – and showing you how one small change can make a world of difference to your business results.

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How Much Is Not Negotiating Costing You?

I hear ya.

There’s a lot to do these days. To Do lists are full and designer day planners are a booming industry. You don’t have time to add something else to that list – especially when; frankly, you’re not entirely sure it’s worth the effort.

Except it is worth the effort. Negotiation may take a bit of time, energy and effort – but what it can do for your business is astounding. Higher earnings? Lower expenses? Superb client relationships?

No? Doesn’t sound like something you want? That’s ok. I get it. You’d rather not negotiate.

But hear me out: There’s a cost to not taking action that may just change your mind.

Read on to find out more.

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Why You Need A Contract

There’s something I hear in business that sends shivers up my spine. I get a bit queasy. I have the urge to lunge through my computer screen, or across the row of tables at the café and shake people by the shoulders to snap them out of it.

What is it? What could incite such a reaction in a normally cool, calm and collected gal like me?

“I don’t need a contract.”

Yes. Yes you do. And here’s why…

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How To Rise Above Rejection

Us entrepreneurs are a motivated bunch. Lots of ideas, heavy doses of inspiration, and an unmatched drive to achieve greatness for our business.

But there are those days…those days when we feel very far away from reaching our goals, and are struggling to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and ask – again – for something that we need or want.

Maybe we’re pitching a new client. Or we could be submitting a manuscript to a publisher for the tenth time. Some of us are working up the courage to hop on the phone just one more time with a potential client in hopes that we’ll get the ‘Yes! I can’t wait to work with you!’ that we’ve been dreaming of.

When what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working, and hearing those NOs is bringing you down, here’s the inside scoop on how to bounce back, and keep on keepin’ on.

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On Fear, Courage & Making The Ask

Every one of us is afraid of something. For some it's heights. Others get the heebie-jeebies around spiders. And I know a few people that would rather run a marathon au natural than give a speech to a crowd.
Amongst business owners and entrepreneurs, a near-unanimous fear is the fear of making the ask. Of making your ask, and going after what you need in business. 
We've all been there - and this week I'm sharing with you my 3 go-to techniques for busting through and taking action. Read on to find out how you can as well...

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Why Your Business Needs Vision, Not Just A Plan

Focus is good. Focus is great. Focus gets us where we need to be…most of the time.

But it’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and lose perspective in our businesses. Creativity dwindles, opportunities pass us by, and we’re working so very hard…but not seeing the kind of results we’re looking for.

Snap out of it by ditching the tunnel vision and getting some new perspective – here’s how…

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How To Turn Frustration Into Motivation

One of the best things about having your own business is the sense of pride and ownership you feel. You’re in it. You love it. You set big audacious goals and you knock them out of the park on the regular.

But all that investment of energy and time can lead you to some major frustrations when things aren’t working out as planned. Maybe a deal fell through. Or a client isn’t paying. Or your exciting launch, flops.

Uncovering ways to deal with frustration and its byproducts is important to break you out of those funks and get yourself motivated again – read on to find out how.  

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