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This Foolproof Fix Will Save You Time, Energy, and Make You More Money

A big part of earning a living as an entrepreneur or freelancer is being able to clearly communicate the value we’re delivering for customers and clients. We do a tremendous amount of work showcasing our talents and the benefits they’ll bring…but then shy away from what is perhaps just as important: sharing the price. In today’s Negotiation Q&A, we’re taking a look at whether or not you should post your pricing on your website. Read on to find out more…

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Get Into the Rhythm Of Negotiation

When I was a little kid, I was really into dancing. We’re talking ballet class 3x a week, pointe shoes and all. And for the rest of my life I will never live down being in a store with my Mum when I was little and announcing with a flourish that “I live to dance!”

Outside the safe confines of my kitchen, I don’t do a whole lot of dancing anymore. Well, except when I’m negotiating that is.

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