A Quick Fix That’ll Save You Time and Up Your Earnings

stop being shy about your pricing

If you’re just starting out in business, or you’re particularly shy when it comes to putting yourself out there…chances are you’re making this mistake on your website. It’s a mistake that’s costing you sales and wasting a whole heap of your time…and today we’re going to put a quick fix in place so that you can start seeing those sales roll in and your productivity soar.

Are you accepting this challenge?


If you’re not doing this one super important thing on your website…you’re losing clients AND wasting time. Fix it!

This fix is super simple. You’re going to post your prices. Eeeeps! I know – right out there for the world to see. Without pricing on your website, potential customers are just guessing how much it costs to work with you. Guess too high? They’re clicking away. Guess too low? You’re putting up with far too many tirekickers.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

Post those prices – today! Then, tweet at me with your success - @devonmsmiley - using the hashtag #maketheask