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Optimize Your Bottomline With Bespoke Pricing

‘One size fits all’ is a myth.

Whether it’s a pair of leggings, a marketing strategy, or a negotiation technique. The attempt to cram your unique business (along with all those wants, needs and one-of-a-kind skill sets) into a mold alongside the rest of the world just isn’t going to be flattering. Least of all to your bottomline.

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Set Yourself Up For Success - Don't forget this planning essential!

Planning Fever is here. That time of year when we break out the pristine pieces of paper and map out those goals and dreams, along with the nitty-gritty to-dos that will make them a reality. The blog content, Instagram graphics, Twitter engagement, guest post pitching and community building. It’s all there in glorious Technicolor and we know we’re on the right path.

Except…we’ve forgotten something important. Our pricing.

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4 Smart Strategies for Raising Your Rates

Some decisions in your business are clear. Maybe you’ve felt a calling to do what you do, or you can pinpoint exactly who your ideal clients are. But one of the areas that gives a lot of entrepreneurs like you the heebie jeebies is raising your rates. You know that more money is better than less, and you know that you’re doing amazing work and deserve every penny (and more!), but when it comes time to take action there’s far too much second-guessing. Enough is enough. Here are the strategies you need to increase your prices with confidence.

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