Avoid This Pricing Mistake To Safeguard Your Profits

am I raising my prices too quickly?

I’ll be the very first person to remind you that you need to raise your rates…but I’ll also be the one waving my arms wildly in the air to grab your attention and stop you from going full steam ahead into a set of premium prices that you’re not ready for.

In today’s Smiley Session I’m sharing why taking a holistic view of your business, and being honest about what your strengths and capabilities are will help you avoid the haphazard, panic-inducing activity that can come along with price increases.

Have you accepted this week’s challenge? 


whoa whoa whoa. Hold up. slow down…we’re only just getting started. What’s your rush?

Remember back when you were a kid and going through growth spurts? All of a sudden you were a few inches taller – but your coordination had gone all wonky and your smooth moves were reduced to just trying not to land flat on your face. The same thing happens in business when we raise our prices too quickly – the rest of our business – our services, marketing, client support – haven’t caught up and we’re left as uncomfortable and awkward and fumbly as we were as teenagers.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

My challenge to you. If you’ve been tempted to boost up those prices – give a solid look to the other aspects of your business and make sure they’re ready for you to make the move. Need some help sussing out if now’s the right time to raise your rates? 

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