What To Do When You Need A Motivation Boost

how to take action when you're scared to raise your prices

There are days when our entrepreneurial mojo is strong. We fearlessly tackle tasks and things just click into place. But other days…it’s like trying to move through cold molasses. We struggle with motivation – and even when we do sit down to get stuff done…nothing happens.

Getting that mojo back in fine form can mean giving yourself some TLC and getting a bit mushy with some positive affirmations. But other times, looking in the mirror and whispering ‘gosh darn it, people like me’ isn’t going to cut it. That’s when it’s time to call in the reinforcements.


Who are you to raise your prices? The big Boss! The Chief! The Head Honcho! The Grand Poo-Ba! That’s who.

Affirmations are fine and dandy, but sometimes what you need in business is a good ol’ fashioned ‘top of the 9th, 4th quarter, go get ‘em, amped up pep talk. When you’re coming down with a case of the nerves about raising your prices, launch that pep talk. Pour yourself a drink in your #1 Boss mug, slap on some ‘I got this’ red lippy, and crank the motivational tunes. Then go. Raise those prices. Close the contracts – you got this!


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