The #1 Business Myth You Must Bust To Get Your Best Results

does business require ruthless competition

Most of us love a good dose of competition. We like to see our name at the top of the scoreboard, take those steps to the top of the podium and raise our fists in sweet sweet victory. But tapping into this competitive streak in moderation will be important for you in negotiations because although bringing home your best deal is a priority, sliding into gold medal, ‘winner takes all’ mode in order to do so may not actually get you where you need to be.

In this week’s #SmileySessions we’re breaking through the myth that business needs to be all about competition, and how to bring balance – and better results – home for your business.


Business is brutal. Dog eat dog. It’s a game that requires ruthless competition in order to emerge victorious. The winner takes it all.

Leaving a trail of whimpering competitors behind you isn’t how business needs to be done. Even in negotiations, it’s about collaboration, not clobbering the other guy into submission. You goal – to emerge with a deal tat works for BOTH of you. Where no one feels that they got screwed.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

This week, I challenge you to reflect on times when you may have gone a bit too far towards that ‘I’m gonna get ‘em!’ end of the spectrum, and think of some ways you could have adjusted your approach, knowing what you know now. 

Are you accepting this week's challenge?