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Negotiation Q&A: Who Goes First?

Working up the courage to share your proposal (and price...) with a potential client can be tough. So it's best to let them go first, right? Ask them what their budget is, and then work from there.
Nope. Nuh-uh. No way.
Shying away from making the first proposal may seem like the easier option, but if you're looking for your best business results, it's time to put on your Courageous Ambitious Entrepreneur hat and throw your proposal into the ring, first.
Read on to find out why.

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Show Your Money Some TLC

Money is an awkward topic for most people. There are all sorts of judgments around having too little, too much, spending it in the right places, or not spending it at all. So over time it can start to feel as though ignoring it, or sticking your head in the sand is the way to go. Less stress and drama…but unfortunately that also means less clarity and progress on the financial front.

In this week’s Smiley Sessions I’m challenging you to take a look at where your Money Love skills may not be up to par, and find a way to remedy it.

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How To Build An Empire With Value

Money is great and all, but there’s more to running a business than just keeping your account balances cushy. Because let’s face it, if all we cared about was how much we were earning, there are plenty of high-paying traditional jobs out there that we could have. Sure, they’d be soulless and leave you feeling empty at the end of your 12hr day working for someone else…but the pay would be good! Look at that six-figure success! Weeeeeee!

Nope. Not a chance. You’ve started your own business, and taken the risk of going out on your own because there are other things you value. Your time, your energy, your spirit, your ethics.

Here are 4 keys to building your empire that won’t leave you running on empty, even though your bank account is full.

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Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs-Part 3: Payment

Let’s face it. When it comes to our businesses, no matter how creative or heart-centered it is…entrepreneurs need to get paid. Having to chase down clients for overdue invoices, or entering a write-off into the books is no fun – and with the right level of detail and clarity in a contract, it doesn’t have to happen. We’re wrapping up the Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs series this week with a look into Payment.

Read on to explore the payment structures, terms and methods you may face in your next contract.

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