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5 Powerful Negotiation Skills For Freelance Writers

Building your freelance writing career requires juggling many different skill sets. You’re dedicated to honing your craft, cultivating a platform, and polishing your sales techniques to maintain a steady flow of projects. So adding negotiation to the mix might feel like ‘just one more thing’ – and something you’d really rather not deal with.

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Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs-Part 3: Payment

Let’s face it. When it comes to our businesses, no matter how creative or heart-centered it is…entrepreneurs need to get paid. Having to chase down clients for overdue invoices, or entering a write-off into the books is no fun – and with the right level of detail and clarity in a contract, it doesn’t have to happen. We’re wrapping up the Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs series this week with a look into Payment.

Read on to explore the payment structures, terms and methods you may face in your next contract.

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Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs - Part 2: Exclusivity

Now that we’ve got a handle on the Deliverables in our contracts, we’re moving on to explore an element in your contract that may be a bit subtler – but is still important to understand before you sign. In Part 2 of Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs, we’re taking a look at Exclusivity, and the various forms it can take in a relationship with a client. I’ll be sharing four different variations on exclusivity, along with industry examples, pros and cons. Read on to find out what type of relationship your client or partner is proposing, and how that effects your business.

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Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs - Part 1: Deliverables

How much do you love reading contracts? Legal documents? Terms & Conditions? Chances are…you don’t. And I’m also willing to bet that when an intense contract lands in your inbox, you’re not always confident in tackling it. That’s why I’m sharing the Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs blog series with you – to help you get a handle on three of the main features in your contracts, so that you can dive into review, and slap your signature on them with confidence and pride.

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