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3 Payment Term Must Haves For Maximum Profits

Setting your pricing structure and agreeing on fees with clients is one thing.

But it doesn’t do you a lick of good if that money doesn’t make it’s way speedily and safely from their account to yours.

Turns out, not all late payments are caused by malice. Or laziness. Usually, there’s confusion - on method, on timing - that’s getting in the way and keeping you anxious about whether or not you’ll have funds on hand to cover your expenses and investments.

Nothing beats doing work that you love and having clients who are raving fans...except actually getting paid for it.

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How To Do Pro Bono (the right way)

A big part of going into business for yourself is being able to set your own priorities, and choose who you serve – and how. But once word gets out that you do great work, you can trust that the requests for freebies will start rolling in. It’ll feel great to help everyone out…but don’t forget that you’re running a business now – and that means getting paid.

In today’s edition of The Smiley Sessions, we’ll be looking at why and how to take a strategic approach to your Pro Bono work.

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6 Superb Steps For Handling Late Paying Clients

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, it’s bound to happen. You get stiffed.

You’ve delivered a great design, site, product or strategy…and the check never arrives. It’s not even in the mail!

Having a client pay late, or skip out all together on their invoice is frustrating. It throws our cash flow out of whack, and brings up some serious doubts about human nature. And while you may not be able to recover payment 100% of the time, there are actions you can take to resolve the situation, and make sure it’s not as likely to happen in the future.

Let’s get you paid.

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Increase Your Prices - Without The Panic

Clients love your work. You deliver amazing results - time and time again. You're owning that value with a giant 'Heck ya!' and are gearing up to increase your prices accordingly. There's just one thing that stands between you and the payday of your dreams...having the price increase conversation with your clients. Take a deep breath, read on, and get ready to learn how to ace those calls. 

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Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs-Part 3: Payment

Let’s face it. When it comes to our businesses, no matter how creative or heart-centered it is…entrepreneurs need to get paid. Having to chase down clients for overdue invoices, or entering a write-off into the books is no fun – and with the right level of detail and clarity in a contract, it doesn’t have to happen. We’re wrapping up the Contracts for Creative Entrepreneurs series this week with a look into Payment.

Read on to explore the payment structures, terms and methods you may face in your next contract.

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