The Anatomy of a Contract That Gets You Paid

what to put in your contract so payment comes in easily

Nothing beats doing work that you love and having clients who are raving fans...except actually getting paid for it.

Don't make it difficult for clients to send that money your way. 

No more hunting around for the amount. Or the due date.

Or if it's going to be via PayPal, cheque or wire transfer. 

In today's Smiley Session, we're shining a light on how to make sure that money gets into your hands as smoothly as possible.


Congrats! You’ve landed a new client and work is going swimmingly. 

You love them and the project. But…wait a minute…when are they going to pay you? And how? Huhhhh…

Making an assumption about how and when you’re going to be paid is no bueno.

We need clarity on how much, when, and how it’ll make it’s way from their bank account to yours. And all of this needs to be in your contract – not on a napkin.

Your Smiley Sessions Challenge this week is to take a spin through your contract and tighten up the payment terms section. Make sure you’re covering each step of the process – from invoicing to payment receipt.

And don't forget - sometimes using plain ol' english is perfect for the job. No need to overwhelm yourself with the legalese. 

Accepting the challenge to tighten up those payment terms?