How To Get Rid Of Entrepreneur Malaise

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How many priorities are you juggling at any given time? Two? Five? Allllll of the priorities? It’s normal – and healthy – to have more than one thing on the go, and to care deeply about a whole bunch of ‘em. The warning sign that you’re headed for overwhelm and subpar results is when you stop being passionate about your priorities, and start feeling ‘whatever’ about them. Sure, you’ll still be getting work done, but it won’t be your best work. You’ll still sign new clients, but they won’t be a great fit. You’ll stop asking for what you deserve, and start settling, because…meh. Whatever.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework 

What have you been feeling ‘meh’ about lately? Identify it, and then figure out why. Is the client a bad fit? Are your priorities and life changing? Time for a pivot in your business? Figure out if there’s a spark of passion left – and then fan the heck out of it.

What’s your big ‘whatever’ right now? What priorities need to shift so that you get that vavavoom back? Let me know in the comments below!