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4 Questions That Will Maximize The Value Of Your Deals

Dollars, Euros, Yen, Pesos, an entrepreneur or small business owner it can be hard to think of anything as important to our businesses as the money. What do we want more of? Money. What do we want to spend less of? Money. But what about running our businesses, and negotiating with our clients and partners so that we have more of other things.

More time. More energy. More flexibility. 

There are many elements at play in a negotiation, and taking stock of where the value is for you and your business is key in achieving your best yet results. Here, you'll learn the key questions to ask in order to uncover potential value.

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How To Build An Empire With Value

Money is great and all, but there’s more to running a business than just keeping your account balances cushy. Because let’s face it, if all we cared about was how much we were earning, there are plenty of high-paying traditional jobs out there that we could have. Sure, they’d be soulless and leave you feeling empty at the end of your 12hr day working for someone else…but the pay would be good! Look at that six-figure success! Weeeeeee!

Nope. Not a chance. You’ve started your own business, and taken the risk of going out on your own because there are other things you value. Your time, your energy, your spirit, your ethics.

Here are 4 keys to building your empire that won’t leave you running on empty, even though your bank account is full.

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