Why Less Is More When It Comes To Communication

stop talking so much

Humans love to talk. We have stories to share and more than a few opinions.

Ever said a word so many times that it became just a meaningless sound? The same thing happens even if you’re using 100 words. They become sounds. Noise. And that’s not going to help you in business.

When you’re asking a vendor to explain their pricing to you, it’s going to be pretty much impossible for you to successfully negotiate if you never let them get a word in. Same goes for asking a client for a higher rate. If you’re just yammering on, your key message- I need to be paid more – gets lost in the mix.

Fix this by getting really picky about what you’re saying. Aim for impact.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework:

In your next 3 business conversations, actively think before you open your yap. Count to 5 and get clear on why you’re speaking. It has impact? Go for it. Just noise? Ssssshhhhhhhh.

Are you a storyteller? An amateur editorialist? When do you make noise? Share below – and then get accountable for changing it!