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Perfect Prices With 5 Simple Questions

Setting prices is a great equalizer in the world of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re just starting out with your first mini-offering, or have been around the business block a few times, trying to pinpoint exactly what your rate should be can feel an awful lot like playing pin the tail on the donkey.

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3 Payment Term Must Haves For Maximum Profits

Setting your pricing structure and agreeing on fees with clients is one thing.

But it doesn’t do you a lick of good if that money doesn’t make it’s way speedily and safely from their account to yours.

Turns out, not all late payments are caused by malice. Or laziness. Usually, there’s confusion - on method, on timing - that’s getting in the way and keeping you anxious about whether or not you’ll have funds on hand to cover your expenses and investments.

Nothing beats doing work that you love and having clients who are raving fans...except actually getting paid for it.

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3 Important Lessons From Being an Entrepreneur

18 months ago I handed in my id badge, packed up my desk and headed out into the world of entrepreneurship.

And it's been quite a ride.

Today on the blog I'm sharing the 3 biggest lessons I've learned along this entrepreneurial journey and how they've helped me get to where I am today. 

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Feeling powerless? 5 ways to change that. Fast.

One of the reasons I started my work as a negotiation consultant was that I’d seen a few too many times how the ‘little guy’ can get the short end of the stick in business deals.

True enough, you’re not always going to have a whole lot of influence or power in a business discussion (even with folks your own size), but that doesn’t mean you lose your voice.

Today I'm sharing 5 techniques that'll help bump up your power and amplify your persuasiveness in any negotiation.

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What You Need To Know About Sales vs. Negotiation

There are a lot of different hats you wear as an Ambitious Entrepreneur. You've got to get a handle on writing copy, planning social media, marketing your business - and of course there's sales.

But your professional development doesn't end there.

Today, I'm sharing some straight talk on why mastering sales and negotiations are two different beasts. And why you need both of them to thrive.

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