The Key to Ending Apathy as an Entrepreneur

reset your entrepreneur mindset

‘Meh’ is the verbal equivalent of shrugging your shoulders, then hanging your head. You can’t even really avoid doing that when you’re saying it.

Ambivalence like that has no place in your business. There’s just not the time, space or energy for it – you’ve got better things to do! More to achieve! Objectives to conquer!

But it’s hard to avoid it – those ‘whatevers’ are sneaky. They wait until you’re tired and frustrated and then they pop themselves into your vocabulary, poised to do damage. So be on guard. Be aware. Keep an eye out for the parts of your work that bring on a case of the whatevers and then do something to change it.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework:

What have you been settling for in business? A too-low rate? Meetings that cramp your night-owl style? A billion iterations and 3am emails from clients that are far beyond what you first agreed to?

Name it. Then commit to doing something to change it. Add 10%. Push it to 11am. Give a firm but polite NO.

Share your biggest ‘whatever’ in the comments below, and let’s get brainstorming for how to take you from meh to magnificent.