Why Hearing NO Is Good For Your Business

Hearing no stinks. It sucks. No one really likes it and we do a whole heck of a lot to avoid it. We lower our prices until there’s no profit left (or even worse – a loss!) We throw on heaps of extras and bonuses that’ll cost us time and energy. We chicken out of asking for things at all – the sale, referrals, advice – so that we don’t have to feel the sting of a rejection. Guys – this is keeping us and our businesses stuck and small.

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We need to embrace the NO.

If we make a proposal and we hear a NO, that’s good news. It means that we haven’t sold ourselves short by asking for too little. It means that now we can try again with another proposal. We can use that wiggle room we’ve created between where we want to be and where we need to be in a deal.


The key for you as a negotiator is that you don’t hear the NO and so ‘oh, well, ok then…’ and give up. It’s not some magical set of circumstances or the alignment of stars or the build up of really fabulous karma that’ll get you what you want, need and deserve in business. It’s how you react to hearing NO and move that discussion forward – through a maybe – and all the way to YES.

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I’m going to link to one of my most popular resources below – all about how to deal with rejection. Your Smiley Sessions homework this week is to check it out and start getting comfy with hearing NO and moving a conversation forward from there.

How To Rise Above Rejection