Worried About Looking Greedy? You May Not Have To.

Being ambitious and asking for what you want or need isn’t easy. We can get crystal clear on what we should be negotiating for, and then we can build a super strong toolkit of techniques and pro-communication skills to help us achieve those things…but before any of that magic can happen, we get in our own way. We chicken out. We talk ourselves out of going after something. That voice in our head keeps us stuck and small.

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A big worry for a lot of people is that when they ask for something, they’ll look greedy. After all, shouldn’t we be satisfied with what we have? Who are we to ask for more?

No. You don’t have to be satisfied with whatever you’ve been offered or whatever you have at this moment. Seriously. If we as a society just sat back and said ‘nah – status quo is fine by me’ where would we be? I’d be bringing the Smiley Sessions to you via chiseled tablet or cave paintings.


And who are you to ask? Well – you’re a smart, kind, talented professional who pours a lot of heart and effort and skill into each product you create or service you deliver. If you’re here watching me then you’re probably an over-achiever, a life-long learner and someone who just doesn’t accept doing things half-assed.

And that’s precisely the type of person who can ask for more without coming across as greedy.

You do great work, deliver great value, and take your responsibility to your customer and clients seriously.

So go get it.

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