How To Make Sure Your Money Dreams Don't Become Nightmares

keep an eye on your finances to avoid losing money

Laaaiiiiiid back. (Snoop? Anyone? Just me? Ok.)

Keeping track of your finances in business is an art. Pay too much attention, and you’re likely to start dreaming about bills chasing you down the street. Pay too little and that profit you’re making is going to trickle away, one penny at a time. (Until those bills actually ARE chasing you down the street…)

The fix? Check in on your numbers regularly – once a quarter at least – and get clear on what your profit levels are. Some of your clients will be more lucrative than others, and that’s ok. But there’s always a way to make them better. Shave a few dollars off your costs, add a few dollars onto your revenue – and voila – profits are boosted.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework:

Take a look at the product or client that makes up the majority of your income and brainstorm 3 ways that you can expand that profit. Then, go make it happen.

Share your top priority profit boost below!