Protect Your Most Valuable Resources In Business

Money money money money money. Love it. Fabulous. We definitely need to be negotiating to boost the amount of coin coming into our businesses, and then to keep as much of it in our pockets as possible.

But there’s more to running a business than that. So let’s not forget the precious time and energy.

negotiation is not just about money protect your time and energy as well entrepreneurs startups freelancers.png

This week, I guarantee that you’ve wasted both time and energy. You’ve lost an hour sitting in traffic to get to a meeting. Or dealing with a platform being down. Or fiddling with fonts that weren’t lining up properly on your blog graphics.

Those are things that you can change, by asking for something different.


Ask for virtual meetings or to meet outside of crazy traffic hours

Ask for a refund or a recommendation to switch providers

Ask for referrals to graphic designers who can massage those fonts with finesse

how to ask for what you want need and deserve in business entrepreneur negotiation skills.png

Your Challenge: Pinpoint 5 things that you’re wasting time or energy on, and come up with ways that you can transform those situations.

Let me know in the comments below what you'll be asking for, and how it will help you protect your most valuable resources.