Asking for support in your leap of faith can take you far - #IMadeTheAsk with Tara Newman

Welcome to the #IMadeTheAsk entrepreneur spotlight series, where we share the stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have made the ask...and lived to tell the tale.

Read on to learn about Tara's business journey, how being low maintenance backfired, and why taking action is important even if you don't get what you're asking for.

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey as an entrepreneur.

Hi, I’m Tara Newman: high-performance business coach, life-long entrepreneur, CrossFit and coffee fanatic, and expert in Organizational Psychology who’s been helping leaders reach their highest potential for two decades. I created the Bold Leadership Revolution because I believe it is absolutely possible for anyone to achieve the huge, expansive leaps they desire in their professions and in life--without burning out. Because burnout isn't fun or sexy. I've been there. Really! I help my clients learn, understand, and adopt the most effective modes of growth mindset needed for optimal success.


What's an Ask that you chickened out of making...and regret?

I think there was a long period of time where I made NO asks. I really struggled with wanting better for myself and if you aren't clear on what you want, it makes it hard to ask. Most of my life, I tried to be "low maintenance" and having desires made me feel "high maintenance." This included asking for pay increases. I thought if I were good enough, my employer would give me a raise. NOT so true. It also included asking for what I needed in terms of support in my life and from my husband.

What's the Ask that you're most proud of making - whether or not it worked out

The ask I'm most proud of is when I asked my husband to support me financially while I got my business off the ground. I had always been an equal earner in our household and I realized that there was some level of risk involved in leaving my corporate job to pursue my own business. It was a huge leap of faith and I had no idea if it was going to work out. I built my business on the side of working my 9-5 so I knew it was a validated business when I asked him to support me -- cover all household expenses while I took a much lower salary after I left my 9-5.

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Which Ask has been the biggest win for you - professionally or personally?

Probably the first time I asked for the sale. Gosh, that's so scary and exhilarating. Whether you get the sale or not, you take action which brings a lot of clarity and confidence with it.


What's your #1 piece of advice for other entrepreneurs or business owners who are gearing up to #maketheask?

Practice asking EVERYDAY!


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