1 Simple Trick For A Head Start In Your Next Negotiation

The humble post it note. As an entrepreneur, you probably go through stacks and stacks of these while planning your business moves. Podcast episodes, sales funnels, client manifestation. Instagram-worthy desk photos. Love them.  But did you also know that these wee little squares can also help you nail your negotiations?

Here’s how.

negotiation preparation is essential but doesn't have to be complicated for entrepreneurs startups and small businesses.png

When we’re figuring out what to ask for – what our first proposal is – it can kinda be a murky mess. And if we head onto the phone call or into the meeting like that, it’s a murky mess that comes stumbling out of our mouths. And if the other person can’t actually figure out what it is you’re asking for – then there’s no way you’re going to get it.

Or may be you will get it. But it’ll take a few rounds of 20 questions, a lot of frustration and maybe even a bit of panic to get you there. I mean really – no wonder we don’t want to negotiate if that’s the process each time!


Enter – the Post It. You’ll know that your proposal is clear when you can write it on a single post it note. Crisp. Clear. Not in size 2 font… Fitting it on here means that you’ve distilled your ask to the essential elements.

“Fee increase to $700. No more than 2 revisions.”

“Meetings via Zoom on Thursday afternoons.”

“$3,200, a 50% deposit, and travel expenses covered.”

without clarity you can't get what you want or need in a negotiation.png

Your Challenge:

What will you be asking for in the next 5 days? You're going to distill each of those asks down to crystal clear essential elements.

Give it a think, grab your Post Its, and get ready to take the confusion and fuss out of making that ask by popping each of those onto a Post It.

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