A Quick & Simple Bottom Line Booster

how to improve your bottom line

Having a healthy bottom line is a must in business. You need to bring in enough to keep expenses covered, and still squirrel a little something away for a rainy day. So if your profit statements are looking a little lacklustre – it’s time to act.

In this week’s Smiley Session I’m challenging you to take action on this quick and simple booster for your bottom line. Are you in?

Are you accepting this challenge?


Making more money is SEXY. It’s a rush. It’s all about the thrill of the hustle. But it’s not the only way to boost your profit.

There are 2 ways to pump up your profits: bringing more in, and shaving a slice off of what’s going out. Keeping an eye on your expenses isn’t as sexy as winning a boat load of new business, but it’s a whole hell of a lot easier.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

What’s your biggest expense from month to month? Name it, then brainstorm 3 ways you can cut it by at least 5%. 5% may not seem like a whole lot, but month over month that’s serious savings. Send a tweet - @devonmsmiley - with the hashtag #makethask and let me know what expense you’re tackling to sweeten that profit margin of yours.