Motivate Sales, Maximize Profit

make more sales and increase your profits

Making sales – convincing people to hand over their hard earned money in exchange for your product or service – is fundamental to your business. When that flow of customers slows down, or we hit a rough patch financially, our first instinct can be to get out our price slashing tools and motivate purchases via discounts.

In this edition of the Smiley Sessions I’m sharing an alternative to discounting that’ll let you motivate sales and maximize profit.

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Hearing the chant ‘how low can you go’ should only happen during a game of limbo. In the tropics. And preferably after at least 3 pina coladas…

When we try to drum up business or land a new client, the first thing we think to do is offer a discount. Nooooooo. Dropping your prices just means you’re working more – for less – plus, it can ruin your perceived value with future clients. The fix? Offer bonuses instead.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge: 

What bonus can you offer to sweeten the deal for new customers? A mini 1on1? An exclusive pdf guide? Access to your digital archives? Declare your business boosting bonus by tweeting it out - @devonmsmiley - with the hashtag #maketheask