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The Surprisingly Positive Side Effect To Raising Your Prices

Increasing your prices can lead to some great side effects - higher revenue, greater confidence, a lot less resentment - but there are some side effects that are scarier than they are scintillating.

In today's edition of The Smiley Sessions, you'll find out which one of these fears is actually something you want to have happen...

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6 Simple Mindset Tricks For Setting Goals

You can have the best goal setting system that money can buy. All the bells and whistles. Automated this, tracker app that. All of it.

And you can still end up accomplishing nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Because what’s lurking alongside all of those shiny tools and your snazzy goal statements is still the same ol’ mindset you had the last time you tried this.

If you want different results – and to slap those giant gold stars onto your achievement tracker – you’ve gotta get your mindset in shape.

So strap on those sneakers, stretch out those gams, and get ready to learn 6 mindset tricks for setting goals that won’t kick your ass.

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