6 Simple Mindset Tricks For Setting Goals

Have the right mindset when setting your business goals

You can have the best goal setting system that money can buy. All the bells and whistles. Automated this, tracker app that. All of it.

And you can still end up accomplishing nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Because what’s lurking alongside all of those shiny tools and your snazzy goal statements is still the same ol’ mindset you had the last time you tried this.

If you want different results – and to slap those giant gold stars onto your achievement tracker – you’ve gotta get your mindset in shape.

So strap on those sneakers, stretch out those gams, and get ready to learn 6 mindset tricks for setting goals that won’t kick your ass.

Revenue Goals

Looking high level at your business, what’s your earning goal for next month? The next 12 months? Operating without a revenue goal is like paddling a canoe like mad without any idea where you’re headed. Here’s how to set course successfully.

Mindset Trick #1 – Don’t Downgrade Your Needs

When we look at how much money we need to earn and use that to set a goal, a common mindset issue is taking those needs and downgrading them to wants because the Grand Total scares the pants off of us. We convince ourselves that we can do without, or that cobbling together a solution will be good enough. But all that’s doing is causing us frustration and headaches down the road. Instead, use this litmus test: If it’s going to help you operate your business more effectively, or delivery better value to clients…it’s a need. Plan accordingly.

Mindset Trick #2 – Stretching Is Good For You

A snag we hit with revenue goal setting is setting our target and then feeling limited by that. Once it’s within striking distance, we may slack off, skip some of our least favourite (but no less necessary) marketing tasks or fall into a ‘ya ya, good enough’ rut. The trick is to set two goals. The first is a realistic, level headed goal. The second is a wee bit crazy and stirs up the excitement in your belly. This gives you extra room to grow and incentive to push yourself. And if you don’t hit that stretch target? You’ve still got something to celebrate in conquering your main revenue goal.

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Outreach & Marketing Goals

The building blocks of the overall revenue goals in your business will be the day-to-day actions you’re taking to move forward when it comes to product creation, marketing and sales. And each time you’re making the move to interact or collaborate with someone, you need a goal.

Mindset Trick #3 – Get Clear On Why

Picking up the phone and making that cold call is scary – and to get the best result you need to know what result you’re actually looking for. Is it a sale? Information? Exposure? Partnership? Avoid the panic (and subpar outcomes) by putting your goal for the call/email/message on a post-it and using that as your guidance. The result? You’re not freaking out because you’re calling so-and-so…you’re excited because you’re taking action to achieve Fabulous Thing #1! That’s the driver to get you over any dread.

Mindset Trick #4 – Focus On Skills

One of the keys to conquering the networking and collaboration goals you set for yourself is being realistic about your position in the market, and that of the person you’re approaching. Even if you’re just starting out, the mindset trick is to list out (just for yourself, behind the scenes) all of the benefit you’re bringing to the collaboration to pump yourself up for making your ask. It takes you from feeling that you’re at a disadvantage, to being able to communicate the skills and results you’ll be contributing.


Client & Project Goals

Playing the middleman between the daily actions you’re taking to build your business, and the revenue goals you’ve set are…you guessed it…actual clients. Setting goals for how you’ll work with each client, how each project needs to go will set you up for smoother negotiations when it’s time to secure the prices and conditions that’ll help you achieve your overall financial objectives.

Mindset Trick #5 – No More Tunnel Vision

Calm down about the money already. I know, I know. Money makes the world go round, and if clients are underpaying you it’s a struggle to get ahead. BUT. There’s more to a successful project or engagement than just the payday you’ll receive. Flip that mindset by listing out 3-5 key words that will describe the relationship you want with a client. Sure, ‘lucrative’ may be one. But how about ‘respectful’, ‘creative’, ‘flexible’ or ‘fun’?  Learn more about creating a business with values - not just value.

Mindset Trick #6 – Grace Under Pressure

I’m willing to venture that at least 90% of the time, when a potential client challenges a quotation or asks for a reduction in price, you get that roller-coaster feeling in your stomach and start to panic a bit. It happens to everyone – but the key in minimizing the impact those nerves have on your business is to prepare in advance for that you’re willing and able to do for them. Refining a package, or giving a discount doesn’t make you a weak or naïve businessperson. It makes you an entrepreneur who can understand the big picture of working with a client and adapt to achieve the outcomes most important to them. Mindset shift? Flexibility is powerful.

When you’re setting goals – for your revenue, your business-building efforts, or your client projects – what themes or struggles have come up for you? Have you ever used one of these mindset tricks to get you back on a better path?