The Surprisingly Positive Side Effect To Raising Your Prices

why it's ok to lose clients when you raise your prices

Increasing your prices can lead to some great side effects - higher revenue, greater confidence, a lot less resentment - but there are some side effects that are scarier than they are scintillating. 

In today's edition of The Smiley Sessions, you'll find out which one of these fears is actually something you want to have happen...


There’s a #1 side effect to raising your prices that freaks people out. We’re talking frozen in panic. But here’s the thing… you WANT this to happen.

When you raise your rates, you’re probably going to say goodbye to a few clients who aren’t prepared to keep investing in your help. And that’s a-ok, because the increase in average client value will offset that loss. And you’ll have more time to delight those people who are investing with you.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

This week I’m challenging you to do some math. At your monthly revenue goal, how many clients do you really need to work with. And how does that number change if you start raising your fees? When you’ve got a handle on those, or if you need some help, send me a note!

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