The Pricing Habit You MUST Break

stop second guessing your prices

Having doubts and questioning our decisions is perfectly normal. Those reflections and direction changes can keep us safe, help us stay on our right path in life, and minimize the swings or waves that can rock our boat. But as an entrepreneur there's a bit of a difference between those rational moments of reconsidering our choices, and the fear or anxiety driven second guessing that comes up when we set your prices.

If there's a bad habit for you to break pronto, it's this one. Your bank account will thank you for it.


My new package is $500. No. $300. No $500. Is $500 ok? What do you think? OK. $300. Or $250. Yeah. $250.

Second guessing your prices is killing your bottom line! All you thinking and gut instinct took you to a price. So why are you shaving it down further and further before even releasing your amazing product or service to the world?


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

My challenge to you is to go back to that price you’ve whittled down – you know the one – and boost it back to the 1st number you’d come up with. Be bold. Trust your instinct.

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Are you accepting this week's Smiley Sessions challenge?