Why You Have More Power Than You Think

create power in your negotiations

You're not always going to be the most powerful party in your negotiations - you know, when the other person desperately needs what you have, and you're the only game in town.

More likely, you're going to find yourself  working to stand out from a variety of competitors, or looking around for your slingshot as you play David to the other guy's Goliath. Knowing that you're the underdog can either be incredibly motivating - or it can lead to total meltdowns. Let's keep you and your business in that first category...shall we?

Your #Mindsetreset Homework

Even when you're not going into a contract or fee negotiation with the upper hand, generate your own power by being expertly prepared, and allowing yourself as much time as possible to get the deal done. Knowledge will keep you a step ahead in discussions (because all that great info and your crystal ball predictions will let you maximize your creativity and flexibility), and being panic-free is the ultimate in power plays (because nothing spells disaster for a negotiation like giving it all away as the clock runs down).