No More All Access Passes

good client service doesn't mean crazy hours

One of the golden rules of business is to treat your clients well. To deliver excellent work, on time, and be attentive to their needs. It’s touted as the sure-fire way to win great results, reviews and referrals. But amazing customer service doesn’t mean being at their beck and call.

In today’s edition of The Smiley Sessions, we’ll take a look at why – and how – to put an end to that all access pass.


Amazing customer service doesn’t mean responding to emails within 30 seconds, or taking calls at 1am…so cut it out!


For a lot of entrepreneurs, the line between work and life is fuzzy. It’s easy to sneak in an email here and there, whether we’re laying in bed at midnight, or sitting on the sidelines at a t-ball game. But resist. You may think you’re providing A+ customer service, but what you’re really doing is training your clients to think that you’re theirs 24/7.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

Set working hours and then stick to them. Lead by example in showing clients that you’re responsive – but not at their beck and call. Even better? Spell out what days of the week and typical hours you work in your client proposals and contracts.

Are you accepting this week's challenge to ditch the all access pass?