A Small Ask Can Mean Giant Results

take action to improve your business with small asks

When you've got big dreams and goals for your business, diving in and taking action can be scary. The stakes are high, and you're feeling a wee bit overwhelmed.

But it's going to be ok.

Actually, it will be better than ok. 

In this edition of The Smiley Sessions, you'll learn how embracing the power of a small ask will get you where you need to be in your business.


The dreams you have for your business are big. Huge. Ginormous. You’re getting ready to take over the world, build your empire and reign supreme.

But all those big moves? Talk about scary.

Even the most experienced of entrepreneurs will get the shivers when faced with those high stakes conversations. But – you don’t have to.

The fix? Breaking it down into small asks.

When you have big dreams for your business, the first thing you need to do is break it down.

Take that big goal, list out all the variables involved, and then take one baby step.

They may be small increments at first but you won't feel as nervous. Making these asks, tackling these negotiations and celebrating those successes will help you build your confidence.

You'll also gain some momentum and next thing you know you're there - making the big asks and getting what your business wants, needs and deserves.

Your challenge for this week is to get started with the small asks.
Pick one of your big goals, then one of the baby steps you need to accomplish to achieve it.


Are you accepting the challenge?