Strengthen Your Client Relationships With Straight Talk

build client trust with honest communication

Telling fibs or half-truths gets you into a bunch of totally avoidable trouble. Not to mention the blow to your credibility when you’re caught. But what about keeping your mouth shut and not telling a client the truth about their sub-par copy or grainy, blah profile picture? Not sharing that insight means that you’re not doing your job – so it’s time to spill the beans, and give that straight talk…with a smile.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework

The next time you’re tempted to keep quiet, speak up. “In my experience, it would be better for your brand image if the photos were…..” or “Based on my review of your competitors, the approach we need to take with your blog is….” are great ways to deliver some harsh truths without looking like a big ol’ baddy. Give them a try!

When did you last shy away from dishing out the straight talk? What impact did that have on your client…and would you handle the situation any differently knowing what you know now? Share your experiences, or ask for support in the comments below!