The Key To Getting What You Want

negotiation mindset with not against


A big roadblock to embracing negotiation in your business is the feeling that it’s all about negotiating ‘against’ someone. The feeling that you need to beat them, or wage war to emerge victorious. Nope. Not how it works. Lower your weapons, shake off that fear, and embrace the mindset that what you’re really doing is negotiating with the other person. It’s the two of you, coming up with solutions (together!) that’ll take both of your businesses further than would ever have been possible with a winner takes all mentality.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework

Name the one business discussion you know you need to have – but have been putting off – and have it! Figure out what you want to achieve, what the other person may be looking for, and then work together to make it happen. Start small, get comfy in collaboration, and make sure to celebrate when you both walk away winners.

Share your celebration below! When have you put down your sword, ditched the combative attitude and come out ahead in your business?