Amplify Your Impact By Giving Clients What They Want

make sure you know what your clients want

When you're signed up to work with a client, the biggest waste of time is reaching the end...and having to go all the way back to the beginning because you've missed the mark. No one has time for that.

In today's edition of The Smiley Sessions, we're looking at how to ensure that what you deliver hits your client's sweet spot - the first time around.


Things a client should never say: “Uhhh…that’s not what I hired you for…”

Getting to the end of a gig and realizing that what you’re delivering isn’t what the client thought they were getting is such a buzz kill. Not to mention it could be a financial loss and suck up a ton of your time trying to backtrack and fix the whole situation. Spelling out exactly what your work or service is in your contract will help you avoid trouble.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge for the week:

Double check proposals and contracts to make sure everything you’re delivering is specified. In writing. In super clear language. No confusion, assumptions or alternate interpretations allowed! Whip that bad boy into shape, then report back to let me know you’ve tackled this week’s challenge.

Looking for inspiration? Head over to my article on making client deliverables clear as day.

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