Boost Your Sales With This Proven Pricing Strategy

pricing sales strategy

When you hear the term ‘pricing sales strategy’, the first thing that comes to mind is discounts. And a lot of the time that’s the only thing that comes to mind.

But when you’re trying to boost sales of your products or services, relying on discounts means that you’re in a race to the bottom…and there’s no profit to be found down there.

Instead, motivate people to press that shiny Buy button by using the pricing techniques I’ll share in today’s Smiley sessions to tap into an innate human instinct.


Universal Truth. When something is hard to get, or is about to be snatched out from our grasp…we want it…oh so badly.

Creating scarcity is a top sales tactic. It’s just human nature to respond to that ‘limited time’ talk by reaching for our wallets to make it ours. (I think the kids these days call that FOMO). You can get the same effect with your pricing. Send out a reminder to potential clients that the price goes up on a certain date, or that you’re only offering a limited number of spots at that rate. They’ll want to jump at the opportunity to get onto your calendar.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

My challenge to you is to brainstorm 2 ways that you can use your pricing to create scarcity. How can you light a fire under your potential client and customers to get them to press that buy now button?

Are you accepting the challenge?