The Wrong Way To Create Client Satisfaction

stop giving away your expertise for free

Over-delivering to your clients is a great way to win them over, build a strong reputation, and have yourself swimming in referrals.

But there's such a thing as too much goodness. Especially when it leaves you feeling resentful...rather than rejuvenated.

In today's Smiley Session we're taking a look at the classic entrepreneur issue of giving it all away.



If you give a mouse a cookie…he’ll ask for a glass of milk.

Going above and beyond for our clients feels wonderful, and it’s one of the most reliable ways to create repeat business and raving referrals. But that’s when you do it on your own terms. Constantly giving out extras – time, 1-on-1 help, additional versions or revisions – when it’s not part of your strategy is draining and only leads to resentment.

Time to nip it in the bud.

Your challenge is to bake some sweet extras into your client and customer service strategy, and then stick to it.

So when that mouse asks for his cookie, you’re saying no…instead of handing him the whole box.

Are you accepting the challenge to stop handing out all of those extras?