A Simple Trick To Completely Change Your Mojo

boost your entrepreneur mojo


Everyone is out to get you! The world is full of jerks! Total failure is right around the corner! Oooooh boy. There are people who will treat you badly, or be looking for a way to take advantage. And they’ll often perceive your kindness as weakness. But don’t let that change the way you do business. The next time you’re in a negotiation and your fears start niggling at the back of your brain, smile. Play nice. Be nice. Say please and thank you and remain poised. You’re not weak, you’re strong – and that strength of character will take you far.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework

This week, practice your smile. Not in a cheesy prom photo kinda way…take that smile to the streets. Shopper bumps your heels with their cart? Smile. Consult call is a no show? Smile. Customer asks for a refund? Smile.

What’s got you stressing out? When was the last time you *just barely* held onto your patience? How has playing nice and keeping that smile worked for you? Let me know in the comments below!