Working through the doubt to own your expertise - #IMadeTheAsk with Nick McArthur

Welcome to the #IMadeTheAsk entrepreneur spotlight series, where we share the stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have made the ask...and lived to tell the tale.

Read on to learn about Nick's business journey, how imposter syndrome has gotten in his way, and why getting out of your comfort zone is key when pitching.

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Tell us a bit about yourself, and your journey as an entrepreneur. 

I'm Nick, Photographer turned, website developer, turned Branding Strategist, turned Speaker/writer/activist when I turned from female to male. I make my money helping high achieving badass solopreneurs make more money.

What's an Ask that you chickened out of making...and regret? 

I chicken out of asks all the time. Don't we all? Most of my chickening out is the product of imposter syndrome. The truth is that everyone does everything for the first time once though. When I was a photographer, even when I was making good money as a photographer I wasn't sure when I'd actually made it enough to say "I'm a photographer". Does one need to make 50K or 80K or 150K before they can decided that they are doing something? Turns out not.

What's the Ask that you're most proud of making - whether or not it worked out 

I just pitched myself to The Goodlife Project with Jonathan Fields. It seems like I'm being way to big for my britches. I haven't written a book, don't have a huge following and I am far from famous but I do believe I have a story worth sharing. I feel proud of myself just for being brave enough to be vulnerable. Brave enough to being willing to receive a no.


Which Ask has been the biggest win for you - professionally or personally? 

The quick easy answer is every single client I work with, I ask for referrals and testimonials. Those simple small every day asks end up being the biggest win if I look at the effect long term. But my biggest one time ask was when a conference of all women photographers was taking place in my own city. I was super bummed that finally a photography conference was coming to me, and an all women one, but only now that I don't identify as female. It was way out of my comfort zone, but I pitched myself as a speaker, teaching women all the things that I had wished I'd know about doing business as a woman in a male dominated industry, and low and behold, they totally loved it and BAM I had my first big conference well paid speaking gig, which has lead to other conferences, workshops, and speaking opportunities.

What's your #1 piece of advice for other entrepreneurs or business owners who are gearing up to #maketheask? 

You are not a fraud. Everyone thinks that there's this certain point that you'll know "I've made it!" but that point never comes. Do people pay you to do the thing you feel like a fraud doing? If so you are absolutely in business. Believe it.


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