Get What You Want Without Sacrificing Your Reputation

Negotiation techniques not tactics

Tactics are to negotiation and business, what diet pills are to weight-loss. A quick fix, recommended by shady sources, and likely to leave you flat on your back.

When you’re a Lil Guy in business, you have to be on the lookout for the tactics that others (usually the Big Boys) are trying to use on you: setting false deadlines, continuous meeting reschedules, insisting on late-night discussions, and bringing a gajillion people to the party are top offenders. But once you spot them, you can neutralize them with your superb technique.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework:

Jot down a big ol’ list of all of the elements coming into play during a negotiation or client discussion – money, timing, deliverables, legal-y stuff like copyrights and licensing – get it all out there. Congrats! You’ve just prepared for a crazy effective negotiation technique: Flexibility.

Has someone ever tried to pull the wool over your eyes, or intimidate you in business? Let me know how you handled it – or how I can help in the comments below!