Embrace Your Natural Negotiation Style

Negotiation Mindset Personal Brand

Ew. Negotiation. It’s right up there with ‘Sales’ when it comes to people’s reactions to the word.

What comes to mind for you? Icky? Slimy? Sleazy? Cheap? Greedy? Selfish?

Sure, negotiation can be like that…but it doesn’t have to be. That’s a choice you make.

Your negotiations can be classy, generous, warm and friendly. Just like you.

Your #Mindsetreset Homework:

Write down the top 3 words you’d use to describe negotiation. Then cross them out. Replace them with the 3 words that best describe you and how you do business…then let out a sigh of relief that you don’t need to be a sleaze-ball to make yourself a success, and get on with making magic for your clients.

Share your brand spankin’ new words in the comments below – say ‘em loud and proud. That’s how you negotiate.