How To Build Courage And Motivation As An Entrepreneur

finding your negotiation motivation


A little while ago I read an article that outlined a big difference between men and women when they negotiate. Their studies had shown that compared to men, women are less comfortable negotiating for themselves, but are absolute aces when asking for things on behalf of others. In negotiation pro lingo: Women rock at representative negotiation. The great news is that even as an entrepreneur, you’re in this business for more than just yourself – so put the power of representative negotiation to work!

Your #Mindsetreset Homework

Ask yourself: “Who are you doing this for?” Does success in your business mean helping your community? Providing for your family? Assuring a travel and champagne-filled future for your 70 year old self? Keep that answer in mind the next time you’re thinking of settling for less than you deserve, or chickening out from going after what you need.

Who are you negotiating for? What motivates you to keep you movin’ and groovin’ in your business? Share your muse in the comments below!