Avoid Entrepreneur Regret With This Quick Fix

make sure you don't regret signing that contract

Sealing the deal with a new client is exhilarating. But when you've been in the thick of discussions, the adrenaline gets pumping...and once it wears off? The deal isn't so sweet.

In today's Smiley Session we're taking a look at how to avoid coming down with a nasty case of negotiator's regret.


“Well it seemed like a good deal at the time…” should not be something you’re saying in your business.

Especially when you’re talking about pricing.


In the heat of the moment, negotiation adrenaline kicks in, and can leave you a bit woozy. It also leads to some rather questionable decisions. Without setting your minimum acceptable price before going into a discussion with a client, you can find yourself with a serious case of negotiator’s regret.

Here's your Smiley Sessions Challenge for the week:
Map out your services, and set some minimum price points for each one.

Write it down, highlighted, underlined, as big as you can get it – and keep it at hand for when that adrenaline takes over. Got it? Good. Now you're ready to kiss that regret goodbye. 

Accepting the challenge to give regret the boot?