Stop Letting Clients Think You're A Magician

why do clients take you for granted

When you’re good at your job – and especially when you’re great at it – one of the problems with clients is that you make things look too easy. Those designs are effortless, the coaching second-nature, and it seems as though you’re working magic (instead of working your buns off).

In today’s edition of The Smiley Sessions, we’re looking at how to ensure your clients understand exactly how much time and effort go into the work you deliver to them.


You’re amazing at what you do. But I don’t understand…what do you mean you can’t design and code an entire website in 24 hrs?

The brightside of being a consummate professional is that you make excellent work and spot on results look effortless to your clients. The downside? They start to think that you’ve got superhuman powers. Manage client expectations by spelling out how long the project will take – no, an entire website be done by tomorrow. If they want it faster? The answer to that – my ambitious entrepreneur friend – is two words: Premium. Pricing.


Your Smiley Sessions Challenge:

Get clear on how long your projects take to finish, and stick to it. One consults and in your contracts, make sure you’re communicating to potential clients what your turnaround times are. 

Are you accepting today's challenge?