Why I Don't Negotiate For My Clients

Trust me. I’m the last person you want negotiating your deals for you. That would be a terrible idea.

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Terrible terrible terrible idea! And not because I’m a terrible negotiator. I’ve got the chops. I love doing it. I get great results. And it makes sense that I get asked to step into lead negotiator role…

But no, I will not negotiate your contracts and deals for you. Here’s why.

Reason 1 why I will not negotiate for you: Relationships

A huge part of getting a great deal is building a strong relationship. Getting to know the other person or the team. Understanding what makes them tick. And if I negotiate for you…then I’m the one that has those relationships. Which is great for me - a strong network is great for my business! But it’s not so great for you - because you’re the one that will really need those relationships down the line.

When a question comes up, when you need some flexibility, when the youknowwhat hits the fan and you need some forgiveness…you’re going to want to have built that trust and understanding with the other person.


Reason 2 why I will not negotiate for you: Longterm Benefit

You need to be able to do this yourself. To build a strategy, to execute that strategy - and I”m happy to help you with that. But you’re going to be in business for years to come, and you can’t bring me in on every.single.negotiation. (though…I suppose for my revenue stream that would be fabulous…)

When we work together I’m there behind-the-scenes working with you throughout a negotiation, but you’re the one doing it - which means you’re building the relationships and the skills you’re going to need throughout your entire career, no matter where it takes you. Again. Potentially terrible business model on my part. But spot on what you’ll need as an entrepreneur, founder or executive.

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